Spring Campout – Sky Ranch

This year’s Spring Campout will once again be at Sky Ranch in Van, TX, on May 12th – 14th.  This year’s registration fee will be $246 for father and 1st child.  Each additional child will be an additional $123.  This year, firewood will be included with your registration along with many other activities we’ve come to love at Sky Ranch, including:

– The Zipline, The Pole, and Pendulum
– Jumping Pillow
– The Three-Lane Water Slide
– Swimming Pool
– The Blob
– and more!

Please do not put off registering.  Registration is now open and will close at midnight on the evening of May 5th, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Register at https://www.rockymountainregister.com/enroll/bcf/meetlogin.asp?meetid=85 .

In addition to the included activities, there are several other additional cost activities that will be available to us as usual.  New this year, you will be able to preregister for the following activities:

–          Arena Games (Ages 6 – 8)- $10
–          Trail Rides (8 and up)- $13
–          Cattle Drives (10 and up)- $15
–          Combat Paintball (12 and up)- $15
–          Target Paintball (any age)- $5
–          Laser Tag (any age)- $13
–          Rockets (any age)- $7 per rocket

Registration for events will open 2 weeks before the campout.  Details will be sent to tribe chiefs.